June 17th – Dread Nation by Justina Ireland

5 Stars for Dread Nation by Justina Ireland!

5 Things I Liked about Dread Nation

  • Zombies! I love reading about the undead ❤️
  • Villains you love to hate.
  • People conducting experiments in the vein of “Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.”
  • Strong friendships overpower romance crushing/ogling (which is a nice refresher).
  • Bisexual main character.


I’ll be honest, the cover didn’t really grab my attention – it reminds me of generic sci-fi The cover of this book drew me in with the positioning main character Jane McKeene in front of the flag,  long black braids down her back and a golden sickle (dripping blood) held in her left hand. She’s poised, in complete command of herself, and the beautiful font reminds me of embroidery. Place the setting at the (abrupt) end of the Civil War and sprinkle in zombies = this is a book that grabs my history & zombie-loving heart.
1 🌟 for sparked


There are many characters in the book and Elliot Kay does a great job of writing Jane and Kate (sorry, Kathrine as she prefers to be called) are a great pair of characters to follow. They’re fleshed out, show strong character growth over the book as they are forced to depend on each other, and meet a cast of other characters that bring laughter, grins, frowns, and boos.  
1🌟 for characterization


The conclusion was very satisfying (although I immediately ran to buy the next book, Deathless Divide). All the plot twists that exploded in the book were backed up with details and information, which had me groaning aloud. This was a unique idea that was well written and I love the book.
1 🌟 for plot


Cliffhangers kept me reading into the dark of the early morning and I most certainly didn’t want to stop. The pacing flowed very well, I found neither places that went too fast nor places that went too slow, everything had it’s time and place. 
1🌟 for flow


My partner kept laughing at me because I’ve been hissing, sucking in breath, cursing characters, and pretty much chanting “no-no-no-no” at a few parts as well. I will be recommending this book to anyone who’ll listen to me
1 🌟 for evoked

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