Drawing done by the 4thewords art team!

Pronouns: They/He/She
Location: Tokyo
Jobs: Developer at 4thewords; Author

Animal: Hedgehog
Care Bear: Funshine
Vault 12 survivor
Voltron Lion: Black


☕ Coffee Quills 🦔

Moving from the Sunshine State to the Land of the Rising Sun, Coffee Quills is a mixed-genre author, a 4thewords staff writer, and (as quoted by the GSU student newspaper) a born-again vampire.

Most of their books are genre blends along the speculative fiction line. Mosiac Academy (a WIP) is romance + superheros. Lucky #7, in the editing stage, is a private detective + coastal fantasy novel. Other books have a stronger flavouring of their main genre, such as my romance novella Spells, Snow, & Sky being a fluffy, cotton candy love.  

Frequently found consuming Wi-Fi along with their daily cup of joe, Coffee is a part of several writing communities, most notably 4thewords (For the Valley!), World Anvil (Light up the forge!), and The Writer’s Workout (Be a better writer). They stream a progress channel on Twitch where any and all creatives join to lurk, make progress on their own projects with 10-minute sprints, and have a place they’re welcome. 

In more mundane news, Coffee holds dual degrees in International Studies and Writing & Linguistics, hugs as many hedgehogs as they can, and lives with their family on the edge of Tokyo.

☕ Favorite Blends ☕

Florida Love (mango frappe + chocolate chips + espresso shot)

Pumpkin Latte (not pumpkin spice latte, but a latte with pumpkin in it)

Irish Coffee (Baileys please, but if not at least add lots of whipped cream.)

Whatevs (any coffee that happens to be put in front of my face)

🦔 FAQs 🦔

Q1: I’ve heard your voice before, you don’t sound American…
A1: Good ear! I blame international friends, Dr. Who, and having an unconscious habit of choosing words I like based on sound and meaning. (vay-s vs. vah-z for example, with “vase.”)

Q2: How did you end up in Japan?
A2: JET Programme! I was an ALT for 5 years teaching English as a Foreign Language. If you have any questions about JET feel free to ask.

Q3: Why Coffee Quills?
A3: “Coffee” is from my drinking habit, my own default state of radiating happiness and optimism, and the amusement out of “ink” belonging to both pens and coffee. “Quills” comes from writing quills, hedgehogs, and the name of cinnamon sticks sold in a bundle (quills!).

Q4: What’s your favorite color? Pink? Brown?
A4: Rainbow

Q5: What the heck is a “born-again vampire?”
A5: I donated over 3 galleons of blood to the Red Cross instead of keeping it to myself.

Drawing done by the 4thewords art team!

Company: 4thewords
Location: Costa Rica

Mascot: Wignow
Staff Pets in Game: 3

💻 4thewords ⚔️  

4thewords is a amazing idea originating from a small company in Costa Rica. Writers sometimes need a bit of motivation to get the words on paper, so why not make it a game? The Oge-Mai Valley was dreamed up, creatures were brought to life, and #DustWarriors set forth.

There are several creatures above, a golden chest, and a table with a map of Oge-Mai Valley on it. The table you can put on display in your home, the chests you can open for loot, and the creatures above range from 1,400 words in 340 minutes to 100 words in 10 minutes. There are even a few fights based on how steadily you can write in a set amount of time (rather than hitting a goal of a specific word count).

Avatars can be seen everywhere in the forum since much of what you wear is earned through quests. Beards, skirts, and everything else can be worn by either of the two body types, and more things are being added all the time. There’s even special bracelets which, when equipped in your wardrobe, will summon different creatures to the Shrine of Ages.

⚔️ FAQs ⚔️

Q1: How much does 4thewords cost?
A1: The 1st month is a free trial, and after that it’s almost $4 USD a month. If you use my referral code RNXCQ91637, I’ll be able to send you a gift.

Q2: Aren’t you worried about running out of quests?
A2: Nope! First of all, part of my job is writing them for the game. Second, there are several events during the year, plus specific areas that keep adding time-limited quests and creatures (the Shrine of Ages). In addition, there are always challenges in the forum too.

Q3: I write in another program though. Can I copy paste my words, or is that cheating?
A3: We don’t consider copy/paste cheating since we know every writer has a different way of writing; pen and paper, without internet, or even sneakily at work.

Q4: What’s 4TW’s favorite drink?
A4: I think we all exist on coffee at this point 😄

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