Daily Cuppa

What’s your coffee for today?

Welcome to the Daily Cuppa, where you can find the latest in blogs posts:

Latte Monday Moodboard: aesthetics made for what I’m writing
Hot Black Tuesday Trouvaille: lucky research finds, troves of information
Double Espresso Wednesday WIP: progress made over the week, where projects are at
White Flat Thursday Tomes: book reviews and to-be-read lists
Irish Latte Flash Fiction Fridays: bits of fiction, free to read, under 500 words
Affogato Saturday Submissions: 2 submission calls for writers to submit to
Vietnamese Coffee Sunday Sundry: the randomness rolling around my brain
(oh, and that hedgehog you see in the blog post pictures? That’s Mace, the best writing partner I’ve had. He never ran out of quills.)

The Week’s Menu

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