Types of Beans

I meet a LOT of great people (beans as I call them in my Twitch channel), and I want to share their creativity with you! Some beans might be in more than one place depending on the types of creativeness they put out ~ it might sound rare, but I know more than one writer/artist hybrid.

🎨 Art Beans 🖌️

Macarena Pérez (Maka)
Lemoncielart is an amazing freelance artist!
Maka’s Art!

🎧 Music Beans 🎶

DJ ~ spinning Garage, Punk, R&B, and other mutant jams from the trash bin. All vinyl all the time.

Avalon Burning
Kevyn LeBlanc & Sable Aradia join to create symphonic metal inspired by fantasy literature.

Sable Aradia
Singer-Songwriter of New Age, Pagan, filk, acoustic, meditation, & goth music!

Gallows Hill
Goth rock band compared to Inkubus Sukkubus & Evanescence, their biggest hit was “Solace.”

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