May 9th – Sunday’s Sundry

I was streaming the other day and someone mentioned they wished there was a calendar that had all the year’s writing events on it, because it was hard hearing about it by word of mouth. I kind of want to jump on this idea because it sounds like fun (says the person who wants to do a lot of the prompts and themes I see going around). 

What brought this topic up is a new challenge happening in May that sounds like fun. The #MonstrousMayChallenge has 31 prompts about a variety of creatures and monsters.

There are even alternate prompts to do if the first one isn’t appealing. I love writing hurt & comfort (where there’s a lot of mental, emotional, and physically hurt and comfort either during it or after it), and that has Whumptober as a great month. Amusingly enough, the challenge has prompted a story arc, so Monsters Down the Hall is the current project! (Click the title to read it; or find it at Wattpad).

I kind of what to make a 4thewords type of prompt game in the future. It wouldn’t be defeat the creature since I’d have to leave it in the beginning areas, but maybe the creature itself can give a prompt. Torkan, for example, could prompt “passing gas,” or “something stinks,” which would then be written into the words. Buuuutttt. I also want to do something genre-specific in months as well. “June” doesn’t really blend well with other things though. Blue Moon June? For paranormal and urban fantasy? 

Most of the time I’m working on one or two things and getting them done, but during Camp this time around I was having a problem with what I call brain overload. I just had too many ideas and projects to think about and my brain wanted to work on all of them at the same time. The good thing is that, for me, it’s easy enough to break through that. Just write everything down and start organizing things. The bad thing is that it didn’t contribute to my NaNo writing, so that was words written and my NaNo goal moved a bit further out of my reach. But after about two days of writing everything down, I was able to go back to The Nuclear Family (my Camp NaNoWriMo Project for April). 

Oh, and I revamped the WIPs section. I know I need to do plotting, writing, and editing, but I’m going to put some numbers on those and qualify them. I’m did pretty well in April when I was counting how many out of a total number to do was happening (blog posts ?/30 for example). I want to edit 7 chapters a week, so that’s what I’ll put down. We’ll see how it goes from there. 

So, Wednesday will be an update on the things I’m working on, and an accountability thread. I wish you the best on your projects as well!

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