May 28th – Friday’s Flash Fiction – A Cuppa Magic

Still no closer to a workable coffee-based potion. I sniffed, the aroma of brewing beans holding back tears for now. I was going to fail again, just like rain fell every day from one thirty until three fifteen as according to the mayor. I needed clarity. Focus. Where was the sea dew? That always helpedContinue reading “May 28th – Friday’s Flash Fiction – A Cuppa Magic”

May 21st – Friday’s Flash Fiction – My Own Chaos

White was a great color for going walks along the seashore. For window shopping in the city. Eating ice cream with friends.  It was the worst color to wear traipsing through flames, cooling debris, and small whirlwinds of black ash.  “None of this is going to wash out,” sighed Allison, holding one of her fewContinue reading “May 21st – Friday’s Flash Fiction – My Own Chaos”

May 14th – Friday’s Flash Fiction – A Little Mayhem

She chanced upon the place by accident. Or at least, she thought it was an accident. Arianna was new to the city and still finding her way around. Today’s walk took her through a dog park, past a cemetery, and was now looking at the fluttering pages of a book on a ledge outside aContinue reading “May 14th – Friday’s Flash Fiction – A Little Mayhem”

May 7th – Friday’s Flash Fiction – MAYHEM

 There was nothing shy about the sign. It had been painted twice, once, at the beginning, in small print on the stairs. Then, when nothing bad happened, it was larger, on the side of the building. MAYHEM it proclaimed. And the people who wrote the word made good on their promise. There was mayhem everyContinue reading “May 7th – Friday’s Flash Fiction – MAYHEM”