June 10th – Poor Man’s Fight by Elliot Kay

4.5 Stars for Poor Man’s Fight by Elliot Kay!

5 Things I Liked about Poor Man’s Fight

  • Military commanders who are competent, sneaky, and yell a lot (and are still human)
  • Space pirates!
  • Die Hard… in… space!
  • Chapters from different points of view (because then you can see the crashes when they start)
  • The idea of corporations influencing testing and schooling


I’ll be honest, the cover didn’t really grab my attention – it reminds me of generic sci-fi covers in the early 2000s. On the other hand, my partner mentioned that it was a good book, so I had it recommended to me. The idea of having corporate sponsored education drew me in, and with everything that happens to the main character Tanner, I couldn’t put it down. 
1 🌟 for sparked


There are many characters in the book and Elliot Kay does a great job of writing people with different backgrounds, but Tanner is certainly the hero who rarely, if at all, does wrong (seems perfect, if a little angsty). I recognize that this is a type of character inherent to the genre, but a little more mistake making would have been well received.
.75 🌟 for characterization


Loved the plot, 100% There were twists and turns I didn’t expect and even if Tanner was being a little more perfect than I like my heroes, the “Die Hard in space!” I mentioned earlier was interesting to read.
1 🌟 for plot


I stayed up until late reading the book, and then I downloaded the others in the series. Information was smoothly delivered and none of the areas felt as if they would have been better quicker or slower. My only quibble is a little point of view hopping that happens in the earlier chapters and doesn’t happen again.
.75🌟 for flow


I ended up reading the rest of the series in the next few days, and while the pattern continued of Tanner being a hair shy of perfect, the series is well written military sci-fi. Even better, some of the other books take a look at others besides Tanner, which leads to a fun rounding-out of the universe, in addition to the different character view points already written into the story.
1 🌟 for evoked

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