June 8th – Tuesday’s Trouvaille: Architecture

Architecture, Skyscraper, Glass Facades, Modern, Facade
Skyscraper by MichaelGaida on Pixabay

Buildings are interesting places. There are the ones that are strange and a curiosity, such as the Winchester Mystery House. There are others with the name “Most Dangerous Hotel in the World” (The Frying Pan Tower), and then, of course, there are all the hotels and places listed in “Most Haunted” articles.

What grabbed my attention, and caused me to look up buildings, was the nickname “Walkie Talkie,” and the follow up that it was now the “Walkie Scorchie” after the building reflected light intense enough to melt parts (the wing mirror, panels, and the Jaguar badges) of a parked Jaguar. A reporter fried an egg he sat out in a pan on the ground, and temperatures from 91-117 degree Celsius (196-243 degrees Fahrenheit) were recorded in 2013. The same architect, Rafael Viñoly Beceiro, had built a hotel on the Las Vegas Strip, the Vdara Hotel & Spa in 2009. The problem with that building? Sun glare. It was found that the hotel’s reflective surface and concave design created extremely high temperatures at the pool deck. It made swimmers uncomfortably warm and it melted plastics cups.

And then there are places that aren’t trying to kill you, but where many people have died or been killed. The Cecil Hotel (renamed Stay on Main in 2011), has a list of 16 sudden or unexplained deaths from 1927 to 2015. Several suicides, several falls from the building, and then there is the death of Lam (a Canadian student). Hotel guests had been complaining about the funny tasting water and low water pressure in February, 2013, and when a maintenance worker went to check the rooftop water tanks, Lam’s decomposing body was discovered inside one.


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Coffee beans as a break

On a lighter side, there’s a building built to look like a giant basket in Ohio. It’s the headquarters of the Longaberger Basket Company and it an exact imitation of a normal shopping basket, including two attached handles at the top.

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