June 7th – Love Me Like a Villain

Going through my notes for Love Me Like a Villain, I still love how well my three characters work together. Where one is weak, another is strong; when one asks for help, another offers. Lance is my bright yellow sunshine man, René is my quiet, brooding moody thunderstorm (he has his reasons), and Aliko is a fiery spirit that helps spur them on.  

And yes, the trope “The grumpy one is soft for the sunshine one” was 100% in my mind when I began fleshing out my characters.

(picture was made using Canva/Pixaby/Unsplash)

Published by CoffeeQuills

A Tokyo writer, I walk through destroyed lands, play with DNA strings like a kitten, and cast magic all about me. Prickly when poked, and subsiding on coffee, I may be a hedgehog in human form. Possibly.

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