June 3rd – Deal with the Devil by Kit Rocha

Amazon.com: Deal with the Devil: A Mercenary Librarians Novel (Mercenary  Librarians, 1) (9781250256294): Rocha, Kit: Books
5 stars to Deal with the Devil by Kit Rocha

5 Things I Liked about Deal with the Devil

  • How well the teams mesh together
  • The idea of trying to find libraries in the post-apocalypses
  • Actions of corporations to make sure they have a hold over people
  • Pranks
  • The romance ❤


 The tag line on the cover is “Meet the Mercenary Librarians”  and the plot was one that grabbed my attention immediately. A woman-led team (those mercenary librarians mentioned earlier) use their knowledge to help those that need it. Add Knox, trying to save his squad from the rock and a hard place they’re finding themselves in. Teaming up looks like it’ll need to happen, but there will be friction every step of the way (this premise still makes me smile, and I think I’ll re-read the book after I post this review for the night).  
1 🌟 for sparked


When these two groups get together, sparks fly. The characters bounce off of each other in a fun way and while everyone shows what they’re good at, they also show that they make mistakes. Each person is fully believable and there is most certainly character growth throughout the adventure. A great combination of teams, every character pulls their weight.
1 🌟 for characterization


The final twist at the ending was out of the blue, but looking back there were clues and someone with sharp eyes might have seen the twist coming. The ending was a very satisfying conclusion, and I look forward to the sequel being released on August 31st, 2021. Very much a unique idea, and setting it post-apocalyptical made it even better for me.  
1 🌟 for plot


I couldn’t put this book down. The pacing ebbed and flowed with perfectly with the story (there wasn’t a spot where I felt information bogged me down), and information was spread well along the way. 
1🌟 for flow


This book made me laugh aloud in several places, my face scrunched up several times in a wince when the pressure was on for our two groups, and I’m going to be recommending it to as many of my friends as possible. A great comedy, romance, and adventure, along with an interesting look at how corporations might look in the future. 
1 🌟 for evoked

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