June 1st – Tuesday’s Trouvaille: #Shorts

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Old camera by Free-Photos via Pixabay

Today’s study is a bit more… marketable, I guess the word would be. I took the time to learn what #Shorts are and how to make them. For instance, there are the typical rules of the video (which is uploaded to YouTube) being 60 seconds or less and only being taken in a vertical frame. Other than that though, the rest of the video I watched talked about what the #Shorts Shelf was, how a person made it up there, and other things that should be thought of when deciding to do #Shorts. 

I was thinking of these because I like the idea of Coffee Droplets – small videos that were less than a minute. My original idea, and one that I’ll probably still go with, is to do a motivation droplet (or several), but I want to familiarize myself with the idea of #Shorts first. The Shelf. Apparently the shelf is where YouTube will put your video (hopefully) based on the audiences interactions with it. If people keep watching all the way through, then that’s better than if they quit halfway (just one example). Once a video goes on the shelf people are reporting experiencing channel growth since people stumble onto the #Shorts and go to check out the creator’s other videos – and that makes sense. YouTube also rotates the Shelf though, so a video may be taken off of it (less growth), and can even be put back thanks to that rotation. 

Several of the others thoughts and pieces of advice mentioned by the speaker are true of marketing in general. Yes, use the correct #Shorts with the plural -s and don’t write only #Short. Use keywords, etc. and honestly treat it as if it was a normal YouTube video – thumbnail, SEO, keywords, etc. When it goes to the Shelf it’ll be stripped of the thumbnail, but that’s okay. 

The other thing mentioned was to make sure your #Shorts match with your channel. That’s what gives me a bit of a pause – I don’t actually have an active YouTube channel. I use the service mainly to watch AMVs (anime music videos), MEPs (multiple editor projects), parody videos, and even GMVs (game music videos). I keep hearing great things about the BookTube community (and, to be honest, some not so great things too), but I don’t really watch long videos on YouTube. 


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Coffee beans as a break

What I’d like to do with this information is make a series of #Shorts for writers. I’m thinking of different directions. I could shoot videos of the strange coffees I can taste in Japan (lime + coffee is not a great combination, but lemonade + coffee is actually pretty good). I could also do videos with words, some of the many hedgehogs I have in my apartment, or even writing in general could be a fun idea. Pretty much, I’m looking at this as something I’d like to have fun playing around with. When I was younger I loved making stop-motion videos, and maybe that’s something I can do again.

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