May 30th – Sunday’s Sundry

Pin made by WordClouds!

Woot, I have a new computer! It’s shiny, it have neon fan lights, and even better, the chips inside are an upgrade from both a) my old computer and b) the computer I bought (apparently one of the chips isn’t made anymore, so I got an email asking if I would like to upgrade for free or cancel my order – I don’t think I’ve replied “yes” so quickly to an email before).

I was also given a pack of 21 white board markers, all different colors, with erasers on the cap end. Those are going to be a great help writing out a timeline and all my deadlines and due dates.

There’s so much I want to do, so much I want to write, it’s (sometimes) hard to figure out where to start… which is where that timeline comes in. When I know which book or novella needs to come out when, it’s a little easier to start on what needs to be done first… I just kind of forget that when I pack challenges (The Writer’s Games at the Writer’s Workout, for example) in, or I leave an unfinished fanfiction for Ghost Hunt (Listening to Shatters), that I need to make some squiggle room. And all of that doesn’t include things like marketing, meeting (virtually) with friends, writing the small ideas that come in the middle of the night and that shouldn’t be lost.

But all of these types of writing are a part of me, and I don’t want to give any of them up, so that means I need to look at my times, days, and stick to a schedule better. Good thing I’ve got my whiteboards and a heap of colors to help me out! Now, it’s time to do some more writing with 4thewords – Pride Festival is going on! (And I need to work on pinning down that daily time frame)!

I wish you a fun, productive, and happy week!

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