May 26th – Wednesday’s WIP

This week has passed by pretty slowly for me. I’ve been waiting (patiently? impatiently? both?) for my new PC to arrive since the old one suddenly died, but it looks as if I’ll be waiting for a while longer yet. On the plus side, apparently the computer I ordered didn’t have one of the inner components in stock, so it looks that I’ll be getting a slight upgrade (for the money I’ve already spent). 

Things done this week have been, it feels, everything but my writing goals. I haven’t done any editing, I haven’t done my writing, and I haven’t done any plotting. What have I been doing? I’ve done outlining of the series time line I want to gather together, I finally figured out what I’ll be writing about for Vella, and I’ve been cleaning—yep, cleaning—my house. Kitchen, living room, etc. Boring things if you want to know. 

A break of beans

So let’s move onto the series, and the interconnected web it’s being woven into. There’s the Spells, Snow, & Sky, a fluffy romance novella that follows Sky, Nyssa, and Yuki. A sequel novella will be coming out in early winter, tentatively titled Oranges, Ocean, & Oak, and focusing on the same characters almost a year later.  In the same world exists Misspell #1: New Year, new Me. The main character is Char, a private investigator with a spell license and an attached smoke elemental. And finally, there’s Case #1: Heavy Zaffre (and as usual, title isn’t set in stone). 

Now that I have a place at the dinning room table (I scavenged my partner’s Bluetooth keyboard, his mouse & pad, and his adjustable lap table) I can stare at the screen and not hunch over it like I’m Gollum. I’d like the book to come out in October, the novella early December, the other novella January 1st. Then there’s the Vella story as well. Set in the same world, it follows a paramedic trying to help the paranormal community around her. Code Green: Dryad with Lungrot is the possible title there.  

CONduit has a lot of work going on behind the scenes as well, but with everything? I think I’m okay with the small advances that I’m making. At least I’m not going backwards, right?

Have a smooth week, enjoy the sunshine and the rain when it comes!

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A Tokyo writer, I walk through destroyed lands, play with DNA strings like a kitten, and cast magic all about me. Prickly when poked, and subsiding on coffee, I may be a hedgehog in human form. Possibly.

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