May 23rd – Sunday’s Sundry

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This has been a very long week ~ and for once, I don’t mean all the little deadlines, writing, reading, and things that crop up during the week. My computer started doing something strange(r). It normally takes about 30 minutes to boot up (it’s an old computer) and suddenly it was not fully booting up 2/3rds of the time, even after waiting an hour or longer, and when it did boot up, it wasn’t connecting to the internet. In fact, it would tell me that in order to reconnect to the internet, it need to restart. sigh

Finally, after I got it up and acknowledging the internet again, it shut itself off. I only discovered it shut itself off at 3-something in the morning because the fans were going like jet engines (but it wasn’t overheating). Finally, when it came on again, it decided that internet wasn’t available. Time to give up.

I’m currently taking a small break from work, and work is no longer in my office where my two beautiful monitors are mocking me. Nope. I’ve moved to camping out at the dinning room table with a laptop from 2013. It’s very strange to go back to a single, small screen when I’m used to having two display monitors. And my laptop doesn’t have the capability to stream either. I’m behind on many things, but that’s okay. I’m taking this as a chance for vacation, and luckily I’m able to get another computer.

The hard part is waiting for it to get here. It’ll be shipped at any point from now until the 3rd of June… which is a bit worrying since the Writer’s Workout will be starting that first weekend in June. Fingers are crossed that I’ll be able to get it in time for streaming the Writer’s Games!

On the other hand, I’ve had some time to think and plan for what’s going to be written and published next. I’m going to focus on one world, an urban fantasy world, and one that has about ten different ideas to be written for it. I want to publish Oranges, Ocean, & Oak (sequel to Spells, Snow, & Sky, a fluffy romance novella) in early December and New Me, New You (1st in the Misspell Series) precisely on January 1st. There are two other concerns for this, a web-serial Vella that I want to publish that’s connected to the world, and the main novel that the world is set in, but the thoughts there are when to start and what types of covers do I have or can I find… and a lack of streaming has actually hit me in my writing (I didn’t realize I was getting so much done during streams)!

I hope your week has been going smoothly!

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