May 22nd – Saturday’s Submissions

picture from Alexas_Fotos at pixabay


Theme: Romance is hard enough, adding time travel can make it almost impossible. Couples from separate timelines find themselves crossing paths…
Company: Dragon Soul Press
Submission Date: November 30th, 2021
Publication Date: TBD
Word Count: 5,000 to 20,000
Pay: Royalties
Notes: Stories submitted may be R-rated.

Typewriter, Vintage, Write, Letters, Letterpress, Old
picture from Wild0ne at pixabay

From the Yonder: Volume III

Theme: Focused on horror, a short-story collection of regional legends and tall-tales is sought all corners for the world.
Company: War Monkey Publications, LLC
Submission Date: September 19th, 2021

Publication Date: TBD
Word Count: 1,000 – 7,500
Pay: $10 UD + royalties
Notes: Check the website for more information about pay, editing, copyright, and author contact information.

More about these calls can be found at the main publisher’s website.
Please check for up-date information & any additional notes.
Good luck with your submissions!

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A Tokyo writer, I walk through destroyed lands, play with DNA strings like a kitten, and cast magic all about me. Prickly when poked, and subsiding on coffee, I may be a hedgehog in human form. Possibly.

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