May 21st – Friday’s Flash Fiction – My Own Chaos

Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Scifi, Futuristic
Picture by Darksouls1 at Pixabay

White was a great color for going walks along the seashore. For window shopping in the city. Eating ice cream with friends. 

It was the worst color to wear traipsing through flames, cooling debris, and small whirlwinds of black ash. 

“None of this is going to wash out,” sighed Allison, holding one of her few remaining arrows in her right hand.  To be honest, with everything around her on fire, there wasn’t going to be a working washing machine for miles either. “I’m not dressed for this.” 

She hadn’t been prepared for this either.

“Can anyone really be prepared for an apocalypse?” A bird tweeted nearby and she took that as a no. “I mean, there were news briefs about the possibility. Articles online and in newspapers. Conversations.” 

Allison snorted.

“My last conversation was about drinking water when everything was ruined. Not if I could score a kiss from Melody. Not if she likes me as much as I like her. Water. Yes, drinking water is important, but damn it. Ugh.” 

She looked around, didn’t see anyone, and felt safe enough to roll her eyes. 

“Thanks, whichever side decided to bomb my city. What a great early birthday present.” 

Her high heels kept crunching as she strode forward. 

“What a picture I make. A white dress, fire around me, and a frickin’ bow and arrow as my weapon.” 

She’d been getting ready for dinner with her family, a trip out to Mrs. Keaton’s Pie and Eatery, but had gotten a call from Wildwood’s Archery that her bow had been repaired. Promising that she’d be right back, she just had to pick up her bow, her family had laughed, said they’d patiently wait for her, and told her to hurry. 

“I guess I’m better off than others. I know how to hunt and butcher my meat.” In fact, next weekend was supposed to be a hunt with her best friend Benjamin. Which was why she’d taken her bow in to make sure it was at its best. And that led to why she was skulking around the city with it and a free quiver of arrows. 

“So, Ally, you’ve got a choice. Go back to the eatery and find out what happened to your family. Continue forward and try to meet up with Benjamin. Or try to find Melody.”

She turned a corner and paused. 

“Honestly, what the hell am I even looking for? Anyone else around here is either going to be injured or looking for their friends and family too.” 

It was a reassuring thought, but she didn’t put her bow away. Hunting had taught her that animals took advantage of people caught unaware, and what were people but animals on two legs? 

The sound of the a building crumbling nearby sent her scurrying for cover. It was going to take her forever to find anyone in this mess. She could barely tell where the streets had been. 

“Fuck it. Who said that I had to choose?” Allison looked around the streets as an idea came to her. “Right. I’m going to make a base, and from there I’ll start searching.”

It was mayhem all around her, but that was okay. She gripped her bow. 

“I’ve got my own brand of chaos to bring.”

Blue Moon June is coming up, and we’ll be switching from mayhem to witchcraft!

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A Tokyo writer, I walk through destroyed lands, play with DNA strings like a kitten, and cast magic all about me. Prickly when poked, and subsiding on coffee, I may be a hedgehog in human form. Possibly.

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