May 19th – Wednesday’s WIP

Well, a week has happened!

With all the things I need to be doing, of course my computer decides that now is the perfect time to die. In some ways it’s right. A dead computer would be horrible during April, June, July, October, November, and December. About half of the year my partner laughed, but those are my heavy writing months due to 4thewords events, World Anvil events, Writer’s Workout events and a few others that pop up.

The #MonstrousMayChallenge was going well – but I’m currently behind on editing chapters (and writing chapters thanks to Dutato [the name of my dead PC]). On the plus side it looks like the panels for Writer’s CONduit are coming together, which is a big relief.

A break of beans

Nothing much else has been going on in the writing way. Trying to untangle the knotted plots I have, sort out which universes belong where, and now trying to buy (and quickly set up so I can get back to work) a new computer.

Grab some water, I hope you’ve been able to rest, and have a great week!

Published by CoffeeQuills

A Tokyo writer, I walk through destroyed lands, play with DNA strings like a kitten, and cast magic all about me. Prickly when poked, and subsiding on coffee, I may be a hedgehog in human form. Possibly.

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