May 12th – Wednesday’s WIP

Phew! It’s been a busy week!

And not just the normal type of busy. So, I’m still working on the rest of the website’s pages (the next one to go up will be about how I review books and if you’d like to contact me to review your book. After that will be the yearly challenges, I’m in May, checking the links and marking things twice.

4TWs is getting ready for the Pride Festival starting in late May, and do you know what else starts around the same time? The Writer’s Games! I’ve already gotten an early email with the sign up information, so you’ll be seeing me writing a short story (based on a prompt) every weekend!

#MonstrousMayChallenge is going well. Chapters 1-5 are uploaded, I’m editing chapters 6-10 and then those will be uploaded as well. Thinking about what to put on the Vella store. Can’t be anything I have on Royal Road or Wattpad since those are free, but I’l like to check the Vella track out when it does release.

A break of beans

The WIPs page is now active – starting from today, there will be updates to the page. I’ve had some readers enjoy Spells, Snow, and Sky (which is always a delight for an author to hear), and I just realized there’s another novella for the world – Elements of Love. This was actually based on a short story I wrote for the Writer’s Games last year, and part of the world I was already creating back then. Last but not least, I’ve been working hard behind the scenes for Writer’s CONduit – this is going to be a great conference!

I hope you’re taking care of yourself
and are having a wonderful week!

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A Tokyo writer, I walk through destroyed lands, play with DNA strings like a kitten, and cast magic all about me. Prickly when poked, and subsiding on coffee, I may be a hedgehog in human form. Possibly.

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