May 7th – Friday’s Flash Fiction – MAYHEM

Mayhem, House, Lifestyle, Establishment, Neighborhood
From StockSnap at Pixabay

 There was nothing shy about the sign. It had been painted twice, once, at the beginning, in small print on the stairs. Then, when nothing bad happened, it was larger, on the side of the building. MAYHEM it proclaimed. And the people who wrote the word made good on their promise. There was mayhem every day and night, starting from 8am sharp and ending exactly at 8pm. 

“What’s your choice?” 

Keisuke looked at the menu in the corner, neon paint basking in a black light.


“Left, room #203.” And that was it. He made his way down the corridor, stopping at each door and listening in a little. Karaoke was a big hit, but all the songs were metal. Rage against the smooth jazz, pleasant pop, and twangy country that dominate the airwaves. Then came the sound of furious fingers punching keyboards. A notice off to to the side said to input whatever name you wanted, let the words fly, and hit send. It would look like you sent your hate-dripping letter, but there was a catch in the internet system that would prevent it was ever reaching its intended target. 

“Probably takes the data and sells it too.”

Movies theaters, where all the films were uprisings against the government. Books and comics too, but that room was so silent it made his arms itch just looking in. 


Keisuke spun at the shout. There was a girl further down the corridor waving at him. 

“Get on over here, we’re open for business!” He walked to her and she started handing him items. “Now, before you ask, yes, you have to wear the helmet, gloves, and glasses. After you go in, take a baseball bat from the bay on the and go to town.” 


“Anything,” she said with a nod. “Just make sure you’re not hitting a staff member or person.”

There were going to be other people in there? 

“Yeah, thanks.” 

“First time huh?” She smiled. “The destruction room’s pretty cool. Lots of breakable things to utterly smash and destroy.” 

“Yeah?” Keisuke felt a smile come to his lips. “Sounds good.”

“Have fun!” She pushed him toward the door and he opened it to utter darkness.


“It’s fine. Step inside and close the door.” 

He nodded, did as she asked, and waited. Sure enough the lights turned on, illuminating the bat area, and showing arrows to where he could go and demolish things. The afternoon passed quickly, and then suddenly the main lights were on and the announcement system was telling everyone to go home. 

It wasn’t a bad thing. Deal with life and country the rest of the time, and cause a little regulated mayhem. 

Keisuke hummed as he walked along, content for the time being.

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A Tokyo writer, I walk through destroyed lands, play with DNA strings like a kitten, and cast magic all about me. Prickly when poked, and subsiding on coffee, I may be a hedgehog in human form. Possibly.

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