May 6th – Thursday’s Tome: Warehouse Dreams by Theresa Halvorsen

5 stars to Warehouse Dreams

5 Things I Likes about Warehouse Dreams

  • The group living in a repurposed warehouse
  • The rules of telepathy, such as accidentally putting a box in the ground
  • Wild vs. Bred, and how society treats them
  • Becca – the Wild, amazing teleporter child who is deaf
  • Kendle’s heart


The book cover design flitted into my memory and has stayed there; a hummingbird surrounded by golden-red energy and flying against the backdrop of a warehouse. Reading about someone who wants to help Wilds (kids with uncontrolled psychic abilities) most certainly hooked my interest in the character, and the plot of romance, a deepening hatred of Wilds from society, and a safe place just trying to survive made this a bought book. 
1 star for sparked


The characters in Warehouse Dreams are fleshed out and have their growing pains (not only the kids, but the adults too). The choices they make and the actions they take are believable, though I wish I knew more about why Miriam was under so much stress and why she was treating Kendle so badly, but I’m willing to wait for book two to understand more (it felt that Daniel had more information that he was keeping secret).I also liked that there were characters from other ethnicities, such as Kaya. 
1 star for characterization


As it’s a romance, I know that the romantic couple gets together, but it’s always the details that make it fun. That said, I found at least 1 plot twist I didn’t see coming. There were foreshadowing details in the book (especially with Casi), and the conclusion was satisfying to finish with (though I do want a second story). The idea of powered children is not new (I’m thinking X-men, among a few other stories), and this book was written in a refreshing way. 
1 start for plot


The flow and pacing of the story was well done. There were places it was better slower, and other places it was better at a more rapid pace. The information dumps were spaced out and dropped at good times. Cliffhangers… in one way the ending is a cliffhanger (as in it’s very well set up for a sequel) and there are enough threads wrapped up that it makes me look forward to the next one. I read through the book in a day, well and truly hooked.   
1 star for flow


This is a great book that I will happily recommend to my friends. I groaned at some of the events, laughed at others, and enjoyed all the little special moments in the book. This is one I’ll re-read in the future. 
1 star for evocation

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