May 5th – Wednesday’s WIP

This week has seen a LOT of construction.

First of all ~ surprise ~ there is a new(ish) website! It’s still with WordPress, and there’s a lot more to be done with it, but the basics—about me, daily blog posts, resources, and publications— have been done. What’s left to do are 3 more pages: book review policies, WIPs page (hopefully done tonight or tomorrow night), and a page following the yearly challenges a creative person can get up to!

Second, the Oge-Mai Festival at 4thewords has come to an end. Hopefully all the Dust Warriors out there were able to get the items they wanted done, but if not those creatures will return fairly soon to the Valley and you’ll be able to finish the quests.

Third, I’ve been writing the #MonstrousMayChallenge (31 prompts for 31 days, all of them involving monsters) and, if everything goes to plan, will have at least a romance novella, if not a romance novel, by the end of the month. This might help me figure out the best way I can move ahead with plotting, writing, and editing on a schedule.

A break of beans

The next week, starting from midnight, will see the completion of the missing website pages, a start to editing Apocalypse Ghosts, an older finished manuscript that I LOVE… and that needs a lot of editing. The world of Spells, Snow, and Sky will be growing. I’m currently plotting out a novella to be released on New Year’s Day in 2022 (New Me, New You), another novella to be released in early winter (title yet to be determined, but featuring Sky, Yuki, and Nyssa), and the main novel of the series (title yet to be determined). That’s not including the writing I want to be doing for those stories, and the other series that I have read to go as well.

I hope your own projects are doing well
and have a great week!

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A Tokyo writer, I walk through destroyed lands, play with DNA strings like a kitten, and cast magic all about me. Prickly when poked, and subsiding on coffee, I may be a hedgehog in human form. Possibly.

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