May 1st – Saturday’s Submissions

picture from Alexas_Fotos at pixabay

History & Dragons

Theme: History (R-rating) – Historical fiction, any person/location/time period is fine as long as there is a dragon in the story.
Company: Dragon Soul Press
Submission Date: September 30th, 2021
Publication Date: December 2021
Word Count: 5k-15k
Pay: Authors get 30% Royalties for the 1st year. Afterwards, 30% of all proceeds go to a Publisher-chosen charity.
Notes: No, please don’t mention a dragon in passing. Dragons need to be a part of the storyline.

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picture from Wild0ne at pixabay

Suburban Fantasy (Charity Call)

Theme: What creatures live on Wimbledon Common? Think dark: witches, dragons, fairies, etc. (Must be appropriate for children ages 8 to 10.)
Company: Black Hare Press
Submission Date: September 30th, 2021
Word Count: 50 – 2k
Pay: One digital copy; Best in anthology gets a BHP goody box.
Notes: Open to previous anthology authors* and to all Patrons.

Note from Coffee: this company often has submission calls for drabble (100 words) and flash fiction (500 words) anthologies, so don’t be too worried.

More about these calls can be found at the main publisher’s website.
Please check for up-date information & any additional notes.
Good luck with your submissions!

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